Pink Fire Pointer Let's Talk/ World-AIDS Day 2013 #SomeoneLikeMeSG

Let's Talk/ World-AIDS Day 2013 #SomeoneLikeMeSG

Let's start talking / World AIDS Day

It's so weird. Just a few days ago, I was lying down beside Fai telling him how I think people in today's society don't have the courage to say or do what they want. You know, everyone is either so self-centered or so scared to face consequences that they rather just not do anything at all.

Honestly, ask yourself, If you're not happy about something and think you're being treated unfairly at work or school, would you have the courage to stand up against your boss or teacher? 

I think it’s about time that we Singaporeans should start having a more open mind and just talk about or do whatever we want. I mean, still following rules and regulations of course. But we just need to be more open so that certain issues in our society can be addressed and work on. 

Let's start with a topic that every single teenager not just in Singapore but also in the WORLD, talks about. Or rather, go through at some point of time in their lives. Sex and STIs. I remember back in secondary school when I always had to attend "Sex Talks" or talks about HIV/AIDS or abortion etc. I was from an all girls school hence, it was interesting because we are as a matter of fact learning more about the male species that we don't encounter much on a daily basis. Apart from it being interesting, it was pretty scary and thought provoking. 

Time after time, we hear stories of different girls in school "doing it for the first time" and I think that that is perfectly normal in today's society. Over time, as I grew a little older, the topic about "sex" can even be a very casual topic to talk about with my friends. And I guess during that time, the nation started getting a little more open minded about it. But not so much about HIV or AIDS. 

Yes there are people my age around me doing it, but have we ever thought of those who did it and didn't come out the way he/she wanted it to? We can say we did. But it’s not like we have the courage to talk to that person about it. What we do is, we gather behind that person and start a very common high school bullying act called -discriminating.

Up till today, I am certain that you're still afraid of coming into close contact with someone who is HIV positive. I know, because I am just like you and I feel that we have to put an end to this. We can get started with a campaign called #SomeoneLikeMeSG. Let's shape a world free from HIV.

So let's talk. 

Have you ever encountered anyone who is HIV positive or carries AIDS?  I have. Fai and I went to some gathering earlier this year and he pointed some person out to me, telling me that he/she's HIV positive. Of course I was afraid. Like everyone else, we always think that HIV or AIDS is able to transmit to another person via close contact (hug, handshake, sharing food, or kissing). 

IT'S ALL A MYTH GUYS!!! We need to learn the facts so that we can break the myths. HIV or AIDS can only be transmitted through blood transfusion, unprotected sex and from mother to baby during pregnancy and delivery. 

I think it is important to stay normal when we meet someone that has AIDS or is HIV positive. These people are just like you, fighting a battle in hopes of staying in good health. Your battle might not be HIV or AIDS, but I am certain that at least 6 out of 10 of us might have another sort of disease or illness to fight against. It may not happen now, but if it does, would you want people to constantly judge you? Or discriminate you? 

Like every illness, HIV and AIDS are treatable. With regular check-ups and following advices from professionals, a person diagnosed with HIV or AIDS can live normally. With the support of the people around them, like us, they will be more motivated to fight this virus and disease.

And for the rest of us, who are afraid of contracting HIV or AIDS, always remember, "prevention is better than cure". You can do your part in working towards a world free from HIV by practicing "ABCD"- A for Abstinence, B for Being Faithful, C for Correct And Consistent Use Of Condoms and D for Early Detection.

In 2012, another 469 Singapore residents were newly reported of HIV infection. About 93% of the new cases were males and 7% were females. Nearly 90% of these cases reported in 2012 were between the ages of 20-59, with 63% being single, 23% married and 10% were divorced/separated. This brings the total number of HIV infected residents to 5,775 as of end 2012. Of the people infected, 61% with HIV do not have the virus under control
Show your support for World AIDS Day by doing what I just did above. Simply take a picture of yourself with the hash tag #SomeoneLikeMeSG with your thoughts, fears, doubts, concerns, or questions about Sex, HIV or AIDS. Post them onto your social media platforms and get ready to change the world. Let us all work together to help shape a country FREE of HIV/AIDS.

Tell people that it’s okay to talk about sex and how to prevent sexually transmitted infections. Stop discriminating those who are victims of it and let them know that they're just like us. Be aware that HIV could (and does) happen to 'someone like me'. 

I shall end this post with a video that was taken a few weeks back. Watch to find out more about what we think about Sex, HIV and AIDS :)

Now here's the fun bit. I will be attending the World AIDS Day (WAD) Party along with the bloggers you've seen in the video above and I hope to see you there showing your support too! Are you a little tight on your budget this month? Well, fret not cause you can stand a chance to win a pair of tickets to the party!! YAY!
Here's how! Just take a picture of yourself with a message for World AIDS Day and post it on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter with the #SomeoneLikeMeSG to win! After posting, leave a comment below with your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter handle and your details and I’ll pick one lucky winner!

Event: World AIDS Day (WAD) Party
Date: 30 November 2013
Venue: Butter Factory
This campaign will be supported by all Durex markets globally, launching on the 6th November 2013, with activities culminating in World AIDS Day parties in 12 countries around the world.

For more information, head to Durex Singapore :)

You can go to any hospital or clinic nearest to you. You may also go to:
Mobile HIV Testing and Counselling Service, visit for their schedule
Anonymous Counselling and Testing Service, visit them at Block 31 Kelantan Lane, Singapore 200031

For information and counselling services on all aspects of HIV/AIDS, call 6254 0212.

Thanks for reading guys. Now go out there and spread the word. Let's all hope and pray for a world free from HIV and discrimination.